KTL Tuition is a well-established tuition company that is guided by a  focus on helping students to realise their academic potential and build self-confidence. KTL strives to provide a student-centric environment that supports individualised learning.  This is an advantage as tuition can be targeted to your child’s needs, unlike in a busy classroom which often has 30 students or more.  It is often said by parents that their children seem to learn so much in a one-hour session at KTL Tuition.

Learning is a dynamic and complex process- it doesn’t happen the same way for kids in the same family let alone the same class.  We all learn in different ways and at different speeds.  Learning one-one-one is much more effective and quicker as the sessions are focussed on your child and thus target your child’s needs in a way that cannot regularly happen in groups or with computerized programmes.

A key advantage of one-to-one tuition is that the student is able to discuss and ask questions freely throughout the session in a non-threatening, understanding and supportive environment. It is also easy for the tutor to explain, ask questions and check understanding. The tutor can re-visit anything that has not been mastered or stretch and extend the student if things are understood quickly. Individual tutoring allows for this high level of quality interaction and response between tutor and student. That is why at KTL Tuition individual personal tutoring works so exceptionally well.

Our teacher, Ann is very experienced and holds robust skills in literacy and numeracy.  Our tutors are successful students who are specifically upskilled by Marie Kelly (Educational Psychologist, former primary school teacher and university lecturer).

We are dedicated to individual needs and provide teaching and tuition that is relevant, directed at specific needs in a friendly atmosphere in a purpose-built tutoring room. Our tutoring centre has all the resources necessary to help support your child in their learning efforts and our tutoring sessions run over a one hour period.

During the academic year we also run specialised student groups on a variety of topics, e.g., writing the winning essay, study skills and more.

One important aspect is to ensure that we measure the success of our students. With that goal in mind, we provide each student with progress reports.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us with your queries.