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Here at KTL Tuition, we offer a unique, individualised service that is student-centric. We specialise in one-on-one tuition.

At KTL Tuition, our three core pillars of educational philosophy are:

#1. Picking competent tutors who can convey the passion for their subjects to the student (i.e. your child). We believe that igniting their curiosity and enjoyment for learning is a key skill to prepare them for the rapidly changing future — but this is only possible if the tutor themselves are passionate about their subjects (and can communicate this).

#2. Using teaching methods discovered by cutting-edge scientific research. We believe in using the latest breakthroughs in Educational Psychology to update our curriculum and also the way our tutors teach.

If our assessment reveals that your child is a tactile learner (i.e. prefers using physical senses to learn, rather than passive learning which involves just listening), then we’ll provide a learning environment that taps into this strength!

For example, scientific studies show that tactile learners do better when their bodies are getting tactile feedback — that’s why we use medicine balls when teaching! (example photo below the form)

#3. Keeping you (the parent) in the loop on your child’s progress with tutoring. To achieve this, we provide direct feedback from your child’s tutor to you after every session. This feedback is sent via email so you can read it at your own convenience. We do this because we genuinely care about serving both you and your child, in every way we can!

So if you’d like to find out more about how we can help…

Contact us today, book a free consultation or call our Tutoring Administrator on (09) 849 4232 or 021 295 0089

KTL Tuition and Kidz Therapy work together or side-by-side.

Visit Kidz Therapy here.

What others say about KTL Tuition:


“I thought I would drop you a note to say Henry was endorsed with merit for both Maths and English (both subjects he has attended tutoring in).  He also managed overall Merit Endorsement so we are all very happy.

I love how Henry as a dyslexic pulled out all the stops and surprised everyone, he was congratulated personally at registration by a couple of teachers so I’m guessing a merit endorsement wasn’t actually expected.

Tim, his older brother has just completed his year at AUT with ‘As’ and ‘Bs’ so another one of your graduates doing well”

Mother of two sons who have both attended KTL since 2011, 2017



“It was just SO good, I am glad mum made me come on the course, I wasn’t keen but I have just learned so much today and am going to change the way I do things now”

Grace, a student at KTL Tuition




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