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Our on-site trained and experienced tutors work in consultation with Marie (Dip Teaching and Educational Psychologist) to determine the best and most successful way to tutor your son/daughter. Tuition is delivered one-to-one to and specifically tailored to meet each student’s individual needs, it’s our job to discover what your child is capable of and then help them achieve their potential. Goals are set by each student and tutor at the beginning of each term and progress monitored, a report is forwarded during Term 3.  The sessions focus specifically on relevant course content and our tutors also provide tips and strategies on how to earn/study effectively and successfully. Our personable outgoing and friendly tutors are not only academically exceptional in the subjects they tutor, they will help your son/daughter achieve their best results in school and external exams.

Namratha (Nams)

Namratha (Nams) is a very experienced tutor who can assist Years 8/9 and 10 NCEA Chemistry, History (to Level 3) and English, Mathematics, Spanish (Level 1 and 2) and Science Level 1. Nams is currently taking a gap year after completing 4 years of Bachelor of Medicine (A+ average). Nams finds that tutoring helps with understanding a subject better and tailors her sessions so that students really enjoy their learning.  With 3 years of tutoring experience under her belt, Namratha loves tutoring because she finds that tutoring not only helps with understanding a subject better, but also appreciating and liking it, which is much more useful in the long run. She believes that different students find different things challenging and so it’s important that she focusses on the students” needs as opposed to generic teaching. Namratha is enthusiastic, friendly and passionate and aims to tailor her sessions so that students enjoy themselves while learning. In her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton, reading and managing her own photography business!


Vignesh tutors Year 8,9 and 10. As well as NCEA Physics and Calculus (upto Year 13), NCEA Economics and Chemistry (upto Year 12), Cambridge Maths and Physics (upto Year 13) and Cambridge Economics and Chemistry (upto Year 12). Vignesh is studying a Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce Conjoint Degree at the University of Auckland. He completed High School at St. Peter’s College and was the Proxime Accessit to the Dux of the college. He underwent the Cambridge pathway and achieved A*’s in both Physics and Mathematics at A Level and A’s in Economics and Chemistry in AS. Vignesh has a lot of previous tutoring experience both in and out of High School and loves challenging students to push them to their academic limits. Outside of tutoring and study, he is an avid watcher of movies and TV shows and enjoys listening to and playing music. 


Ashley loves working with students to find a style of learning that works for them, helping them become an active participant in their own learning and fostering an excitement for learning new things. Ashley is studying Anthropology (Honours) and Criminology at the UofAuck. Achieving all levels of NCEA with excellence endorsement, she also gained scholarships in Biology and Classical Studies.  Patient, friendly and quick with a smile, Ashley is here to help NCEA and Cambridge students gain understanding and confidence in NCEA Biology (Level 1-3), English (Level 1-3), Calculus (Level 2 and 3), Science (up to Level 1), Maths (up to level 1), Classical Studies (Level 2-3), and, French (Level 1-3).  Ashley has taken part in several overseas excavations and when she isn’t in a trench, you can find her playing competitive badminton, singing in the community choir, at the piano or getting together with friends for a movie night. 


Sophie is a vibrant and energetic young woman with a strong sense of humour. She has a passion for learning as well as helping kids reach their full potential. The subjects Sophie can tutor (all Year 8-13) can tutor tutoring in are NCEA English, Maths, Calculus, Statistics, History, Economics, Physics. and Latin (Year 9 to 12) Currently, she is in her fourth year of her Law and Economics double degree at AUT. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to podcasts, go for long walks, and take photographs of the landscape around her.”


Matt tutors Year 8/9 and 10 the CIE pathway e.g. English Lit (to A level), Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics, Business Studies including Accounting and Economics, and Geography to AS level. Matt can also assist NCEA at the same levels. Matt is currently in his second year at University of Auckland taking a Commerce Degree.  Matt finds enjoyment in teaching and improving others and is determined to do this as much as possible. His many years of playing music at both a competitive and recreational level have taught him diligence and the patience he needs to get results.


Hazel is able to tutor all Year 8/9 and 10 Biology, (Level 2 and 3), Chemistry (Level 2), Physics (Level 2) Science and Maths (both to Level 1) and Music (Level 1-3).  Hazel is a tertiary student studying computer science and psychology at Auckland University. She is experienced in academic and music tutoring and plays violin and viola. Hazel looks forward to working with young people to build their love of Science and continue her studies to further understand the relationship between the mind and computer interfaces.  Hazel will start on February 27th.


Kate has been tutoring for the past three years. Kate is friendly and approachable, and able to help anyone no matter their style of learning. She loves helping students understand new concepts and reach their academic goals. Kate is currently a 4th year med student at the UoA. Kate can tutor from Year 8. Kate can tutor NCEA Chemistry (Level 1, 2, 3), Biology (Level 1, 2, 3), Physics (Level 1), Mathematics (Level 1) and History (Level 1, 2, 3). In her free time Kate is learning te reo Māori as well as playing field hockey and slowly teaching herself how to paint.


Marinella is a talented tutor available for NCEA English (Levels1-3), History (Levels 1-3), Geography (Levels 1-3) and Classical Studies (Level 2 and 3).Marinella is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland. She previously studied at St Mary’s College where she achieved all three levels of NCEA at excellence, received prizes in English, History, Geography and Classics and was named Dux. Marinella loves helping students better understand their subjects and achieve their goals. Outside of tutoring Marinella enjoys travelling, reading, watching Netflix and spending time with friends.


Leah is an experienced KTL tutor who is available for Chemistry Science (Level 1,2,3), Calculus (Level 1,2). Leah is a fourth-year Chemical and Materials Engineering student at the Uni of Auckland. Leah has had previous mentoring experience through her involvement in Peer Support, Peer Mediation, as well as being a house leader and Kids Camp volunteer. Leah will be starting on the 26th February


Tess’ tutoring subjects include NCEA Year 8/9 and 10 and Biology (Levels 1, 2 and 3), Chemistry, (Levels 1, 2 and 3), Physics (Level 1 and 2) and General Science/Earth Science (Level 1 and 2). Tess has a degree in Neuroscience and Psychology completed in 2015 and is now in her third year of studying Optometry at Uni of Auckland. Tess is an empathetic and very well liked experienced tutor who is keen to help your child meet their potential.  In her spare time she enjoys photography, drawing, entertaining her nieces and swimming.


Gabbi is a reliable and experienced KTL Tutor, she can tutor Years 8/9 and 10, NCEA Biology (Level1,2,3), Economics (Level 1,2,3), Statistics (Level, 1,2,3), Calculus (Level 1,2), English (Level 1,2) and Chemistry and Science (both to Level 2).   Gabbi is studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts conjoint at the University of Auckland. She studied at Nelson College for Girls and achieved all three levels of NCEA with excellence as well as gaining scholarships in Media Studies, Biology and Photography.
Gabbi enjoys tutoring and loves helping students to improve and reach their goals.  She is friendly and patient and in her spare time enjoys hanging with friends, reading and playing football.


Vincent is confident in tutoring subjects from both the NCEA and CIE curricula, specifically English, (Year 8-11), Accounting, (up to Year 13), Classical Studies, (Year 12-13), Maths (Year 9-13), Statistics (Year 9-13), Calculus (up to Year 12) Science: Biology/Chemistry/Physics (Year 9-10) Vincent is currently completing 5th Year in his conjoint degree in Law (Hons) and Commerce (majoring in Accounting). Vincent has had significant experience with young people, having been part of the
management team for a local youth group; tutoring your child would be a fantastic opportunity to extend Vincent’s commitment to developing young talent.

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