KTL provides a single purpose centre that fosters individual learning success through one-on-one tuition with either our student tutors or with one of our qualified primary school teachers.

Our tutoring service offers a comprehensive range of NCEA and Cambridge subjects from Years 7-13

There are many tutors and tutoring centres on the market, however, we offer something different.  What we don’t do is run computer only programmes but target the tuition to the needs of your child, our tutors use a mix of tuition methods that work for your child.  Change makes the brain pay more attention.

All our teachers and tutors are very familiar with the NZ curriculum, and for those who tutor Cambridge the CIE curriculum

Our experience in working with students, our ability to be flexible and the affordability of our services make it worthwhile to give our Tutoring Administrator a call today on 021 295 0089!

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