Terms and Conditions for Tutoring Registration form

(Effective 1st January 2018)

Booking lessons with KTL Tuition means you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this document. Please be sure to read it and ask for clarification of any points you are unsure of.



Administration /resource/photocopying fees



Permanent Cancellations for ongoing clients

Cancellation due to school events

Extended leave


Holiday Courses/tutoring

KTL reserves the right to cancel lessons at any time, we will do our utmost to give as much warning as possible and refund any outstanding sessions paid for.

School term dates

Start Date End Date
Term 1 Monday 29 January(at the earliest); and
Wednesday 7 February(at the latest)
Friday 13 April
Term 2 Monday 30 April Friday 6 July
Term 3 Monday 23 July Friday 28 Sep
Term 4 Monday 15 October No later than Thursday 20th Dec

Thank you,
KTL Tuition.

KTL Tuition, 642 New North Road, Mt. Albert – 1022.
Email – ktl.tuition@kidztherapy.co.nz