Our teacher Ann is highly experienced, she enjoys a warm friendly and enthusiastic personality.  Ann is knowledgeable about the NZ curriculum and and most importantly dedicated to assisting our students in maximizing their potential while boosting the confidence of each student. Each teaching session is one hour long and assessments (maths, literacy) are generally about one and half hours duration.

Ann’s successful teaching backgrounds include training in Reading Recovery, Numeracy Project, Sencos (Special Needs Co-ordinators) leadership roles.

  • Ann


    Experienced School Teacher

    Ann is an experienced Primary School Teacher who, after originally training and working in the U.K., has been teaching in NZ schools for more than 22 years. Ann works hard to recognise and cater to each individual children’s strengths and needs. She uses her experience and knowledge of the school curriculum and the learning process to develop programmes that enable a child to maximise his/her learning potential.

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